A 2-Day Online Masterclass for performers, leaders, healers and creative visionaries


Are you tired of not being seen & heard? Are you unfulfilled with a burning longing inside you? Are you caring for people in trauma? After this 2-day workshop you’ll know how sound & the voice can be used to clear the blocks that hold us back so that we may transform limiting beliefs, recover our passion & realign with our Divine Purpose

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JUNE 19-20th, 2023 @ 12-3pm PST

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Who this workshop is for…

Professionals & Leaders working with people in trauma 

Performers wanting enhanced power, passion & presence

Singers looking for techniques for a better voice

Leaders who want more confidence and authenticity

Healers looking for deeper connection

Creative Visionaries seeking alignment with their Divine purpose

The Best 2 days you’ll ever invest in yourself or your business

How can harmonic sound and our own voice be used to purge emotional trauma, transform limiting beliefs and dissolve self-sabotaging behaviours at the root, so we can reclaim our confidence, recover and empower our voice, realign with our deepest self and answer our Divine calling

Ancient and modern cutting edge methods of using sound and the healing powers of our voice can help to calm the mind, harmonize the body and positively transform our life.

Transmute the old and welcome a new Divine YOU!

What you’ll do in this workshop…

If you’re a professional working with people in trauma and looking for new, cutting edge solutions using sound and the voice, then you’re in the right place… 

If you’re a performer, workshop leader, healer, struggling entrepreneur, and not where you want to be in your life, not achieving what you want in your business or your relationships, you are also in the right place! 

When an emotional trauma holds us back and even sabotages our efforts, until we clear it, we will continue to be held back by it, whatever we do.  

In this unique 2-day live, interactive event, I’m going to show you ways to use sound and the voice to help uncover and release past trauma and hidden blocks so we can begin to transform difficult patterns at the root, allowing us to become who we need to be to manifest the results we want.


The Divine Presence blueprint shows you how to use sound and the voice to:

  • Heal the past to live fully in the present and never miss an opportunity again [Step into your true calling]
  • Purge the trauma that holds you back and sabotages your life, so you can get in front of the right people with the right message
  • Dissolve fear and boost confidence so you can become a powerful presence who lights up the room, whoever your audience
  • Recover your empowered voice for maximum impact in all your engagements, however daunting or scary they are
  • Transform limiting beliefs so you can silence the inner critic who says NO, and turn up the voice of your confident leader who says YES!
  • Unlock your hidden gifts and reclaim your power so you can show up authentically and get hired for the gigs, engagements, jobs and events you want


The Divine Mastery blueprint shows you how to:

  • Align with your soul purpose so you can begin to manifest your biggest dreams and visions
  • Have the courage to step out in All Your Brilliance, so you can live the life you are truly here to live, whatever your story 
  • Unlock the voice of your soul so you can access unbridled passion and power in every area of your life
  • Be in alignment with your truth so you are authentic in all your relationships, even if it goes against the grain
  • Become a channel of your Divine self so you connect deeply with your audience in every performance, gig or engagement
  • Embody Divine presence using harmonic sound and your unique voice, to shine brighter than you ever imagined possible


BONUS: We’ll help you create your own Divine Mastery blueprint so you can begin to map out where you’re at now, and the steps you’ll need to take to get you to where you want to be. The DM Blueprint can also act as a roadmap for your clients, highlighting specific problem areas and methods you’ll put into practise that are proven to work



 JUNE 19-20th, 2023 @ 12-3pm PST



Who Is This Workshop For?

Music therapists
Sound & Voice Healers
Educational institutions
Therapists and counsellors
Mental health professionals
Yoga and meditation instructors
Bodyworkers and energy healers
Holistic wellness centres and retreats
Community organisations

Singers & Performers
Addiction treatment centres
Corporate wellness programs
Trauma-informed organisations
Schools and educational settings
Rehabilitation centres and hospitals
Rehabilitation and correctional facilities
Personal development and self-help workshops
Hospice and palliative care

Why Is This Workshop Different?

In this 2-day Workshop, we’ll explore all THREE areas that are needed for Divine Mastery ~ confidence, skill and connection. 

* We’ll learn simple ways to use sound and our voice to purge the trauma and stories of the past that hold us back from stepping fully into our Divine Life NOW. 

* We’ll learn professional voice techniques to help improve and empower vocal delivery ~ whether you’re a singer, speaker or leader, creative visionary, professional or poet!

* We’ll share tips for confident, dynamic workshops, performances and engagements, whether on the stage, online, in a seminar, event, sacred ceremony or professional meeting.

* Bear witness to the shadows within as you seek out your vulnerable, authentic self in a safe & supportive environment.

Journey to the stillness beyond your mind… the deep connection that is made when your Divine essence within touches the heart of every one you meet and engage with. This is a gift not only for you, but for everyone you work with, everyone you encounter and everyone you love. 

Your Host

Jen Wilson is a singer/songwriter, sound healer and soul voice guide. For many years she struggled to find her voice or receive the recognition she longed for. She founded SAFE Collective, the Voice of the Unheard Youth, delivering music, creative activities and survival skills to challenged young people across SW England. The Holistic Recovery program was quoted as being “THE model for the rehabilitation of young people” by the Dept of Homeless Inst. (SW England, 2009), and was requested by the Indigenous King to support the young people of Hawaii in 2011.

Jen qualified in sound engineering, developed a Singing Diploma, studied her BA(Hons) in Music Technology and MSc in Music Therapy and Therapeutic Sound. She hosts Transformational Sound Therapy, an online conference featuring global pioneers in sound and voice healing.

Her desire to help others to empower their voice, reignite their passion and align with their divine purpose continues to grow.  She now delivers online courses, programs and exclusive retreats around the world.

Master Your Divinity and Manifest Your Best Life

This workshop is for you if you or those you work with:

Have lost confidence or your voice
Feel blocked, stuck or frustrated
Feel out of tune or silenced
Have more to give!
Have tried everything, but still feel unfulfilled
Don’t feel aligned with your true purpose


This workshop is NOT for you if you:

Don’t have a bigger vision or higher calling
Are happy to stay where you are or leave things as they are
Aren’t prepared to get uncomfortable
Aren’t prepared to do whatever it takes
Don’t have the passion, dedication or commitment to do the work

What Others Are Saying…


“How professional you are and how beautifully you held the space”


Bath, UK

Thank you so much for all you do for all of us… The class was amazing and the energy was incredible.



“I have a full heart and feel very pure and light with a serene centre”


Bristol, UK

I wish to express my deep thanks to you for the beauty and quality of your work and for helping to open my heart and eyes that bit more again, especially after a couple of years of low mood and depression. Doing this has given my spirit such a boost. I love the chats and your amazing meditations.



“You made us all feel Divine”


Sanctum Bristol, UK

I have enjoyed some of the meditations so much I find myself repeating them especially as I am processing the personal, spiritual and intelligent within my divine alignment. There has been a lot of awakening into deeper levels of my consciousness and trying to push through to being that stillness within a chaotic world is challenging. Which I think is why I find myself repeating them, to refocus.




The Divine Mastery Workshop





JUNE 19-20th, 2023 @ 12-3pm PST


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