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Hey Beautiful Divine One!

It’s time to step out and live your glorious Divine life!

This 2-day Divine Mastery workshop is about helping you to discover what your BIGGEST dreams and visions are, so you can start to clear the path of all that’s holding you back from manifesting them.

On Day 1,

We’ll discover what your BIG vision is… and start completing your Divine Blueprint to help you move what may have been holding you back, so you can do what you need to do to get where you want to be …

We’ll look at ways to heal your past, dissolve your fears and transform your limiting beliefs so you can boost your confidence and feel more comfortable asking for what you want.

We’ll use sound and your voice in ways that will turbo boost your power, re-ignite your passion and amplify your presence so you can unlock your hidden gifts, light up your life and start to magnetise your biggest dreams and goals towards you.


On Day 2,

We’ll look at ways to become a channel of your Divine self, using sound and your unique voice in ways you may never have imagined!

I’ll show you 3 ways to embody your Divine presence, so you can be a more powerful vocalist, passionate performer, super confident speaker or workshop leader, or a deeply connected healer.

By the end of the workshop you’ll know how to live in deeper alignment with your authentic self so that everything you say and do will bring you closer to your truth__and to your dreams.

You’ll know which exercises are beneficial to help you on the path to the manifestation of the greatest vision of your life, living in alignment with your true purpose.


It’s going to be an interactive workshop.

We’ll be learning together with group implementation sessions to keep you all involved.

So come prepared with an open mind, an empty journal, and a clear and quiet space!


We want YOU to get results…


1) So you can see your FULL potential and what’s possible for your life

2) When we earn one another’s trust, we can continue to grow together

3) Your presence gives us case studies so we can hold more workshops and serve a greater number of people

PLUS – You’ll not only get super clear on what your Biggest Vision for your life is, you’ll know how to do the things you need to do to make it happen.. encouraging and inspiring you to step out and create the Divine life you KNOW you are here to live…


For this to work, we need to filter out the people who are serious from those who aren’t.

So we ask everyone who attends to commit to showing up… on BOTH days.

Remember- it’s totally free and nothing is available to buy – either on the call OR in the workshop! 

BUT we DO need your verbal confirmation that you’ll show up and do the work, ie invest this time in yourself !

So to secure your place, you need to set up a quick 10-minute call to confirm your attendance, and so we can get to know a little about you before the workshop.

On the call, if it’s a YES, you’ll be given your link to attend both days of the workshop.

Sound good?

So if you’re ready to start doing what it takes to manifest your Divine life…

And you’re serious about showing up and doing the work… Pick a time for your 10-min call on the calendar below, and let’s connect in this one of a kind Divine Mastery workshop!

Can’t wait to SEE YOU! 


We are now accepting registrations. Click your date and time on the calendar & you’ll be taken to a page to book a short interview to see if you’re a good fit for the Divine Mastery workshop

Jen Wilson

Vocal Muse, Sacred Sound and Soul Voice Guide